Hi, My name Chris Sutter and I am a happily married, hard working, father of one, Crystal, living in South Carolina. I work in the tech industry by trade but my wife and I love travel so any chance we get we are off to a new place to explore. I enjoy the outdoors and over the years of my many adventures tackling mother nature I have run into a few health issues along the way. One of those most near and dear to my heart were inner ear disorders. When you are out in the wild there is nothing more crucial then your senses and especially your hearing. After a few ear infections and disorders from time spent outside I became very interested in the health of the ear and why hearing disruption comes about. This inner ear disorder blog is my journey at finding out what causes ear problems and some of the solutions that may assist in the prevention or healing processes. Lets take this quest together to find out everything we can about how the ear works and what we can do to improve the health of are hearing. So I highly encourage you to sit back and enjoy as we work together to find out all we can about the ear!

Many Blessings and Happy Hearing
Chris Sutter